Zodiac Sign as a Partner

Aries Venus: They want to feel providing, strong, sexy, and confident with their partner. Taurus Venus: They want to feel safe, comfortable, and stable with a partner. Gemini Venus: They want to feel elated, connected, and open with a partner. Cancer Venus: They want to feel needed, reassured, and loved with a partner. Leo Venus: […]

Falling in Love with Her

Aries– Kisses that are short but kill you in the 5 seconds they last. It gives you forever in a minute. Always leaves you wanting more and that breaks you but fills you simultaneously. She knows that. She’s aware of her presence and that it feels like burning in all the right places. She seems […]

Astrology Observations

Libra risings have a specific aesthetic, that everyone knows them for. Many of them have a very unique style and they love expressing themselves through the clothes they wear. Venus in Aries doesn’t talk about cheating. It talks about passion and drive. People with this placement fall in love quickly but can also fall out […]

Try and find inspiration in those around you. It will bring you comfort and tranquility while helping you to avoid going down the wrong path.

Your patience is being tested this week from every direction. It maybe be worth keeping your distance this week as you may end up saying something you’ll regret later.

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