Astrology Observations

Libra risings have a specific aesthetic, that everyone knows them for. Many of them have a very unique style and they love expressing themselves through the clothes they wear.

Venus in Aries doesn’t talk about cheating. It talks about passion and drive. People with this placement fall in love quickly but can also fall out of love fast if the passion runs out. When Aries Venus is madly in love, they would NEVER cheat.

Your north node tells you about your life purpose. South node is what we are comfortable with, but we need to master the north node themes in this lifetime. If you keep focusing on your south node, things won’t go well for you, especially after your Saturn return, trust me.

You can usually recognize Capricorn risings by their teeth, chin, or ears. There is just something special about them. They also have a great bone structure.

When looking at transits/synastry/comparing charts in any way, the most powerful aspects are conjunctions and oppositions with 3° and lower orb.
Scorpio risings aren’t often conventionally beautiful but their energy draws so many people in

Scorpio rising also has distinct noses.

11th house overlays in synastry create the best friendships. With personal planets, especially when it’s a double whammy – the friendship is so pure.

Venus in the 12th house loves privacy. They not only want to keep their love life private but also their hobbies and interests.

Leo and Sagittarius risings are the loudest people ever. Their laugh is super loud and they are often yelling without even realizing it. They also have very powerful voices.