The Signs as Colors and Why!

Aries would be red because red represents emotions, visibility, quick decisions, passion, and energy. Aries can be very emotional but they usually try to hide it unless they’re angry, otherwise, they’ll give you all of their wrath seeing all of their passion with their anger. They always try to make themselves visible to others as they need to feel wanted all the time. They always find themselves in having to make quick decisions because most Aries are procrastinators or maybe they just always get in trouble. Some Aries may have lots of energy all the time; always ready to do something.

Taurus would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith. Taurus are very trustworthy people to have in your life which makes them also very loyal in a relationship. They are very wise as they use common sense in almost everything they do instead of just how they feel, etc. That is why they are so intelligent because they use brains instead of feelings. They are very confident and usually don’t care what others think of them or what they do which correlates to why their faith is so strong.

Gemini would be orange because orange represents happiness, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. Gemini are always happy or try to be happy in every situation even if one side of them is telling them not the be. They are very creative which just comes naturally to them in everything from coloring to graphic design. Success is forever on their mind as they are determined to accomplish their dreams and life goals. They don’t just encourage themselves, they encourage others, too! They believe anyone can do anything they want to do in life, keeping that positive mindset.

Cancer would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and safety. Cancers try to make everybody’s life good even if theirs is not which can be a good or bad thing because sometimes they are so focused on others lives that it seems they don’t care about their own.

They can be very innocent to others feelings in situations that they’ve never been in or don’t understand very well. Cancers need to be explained why people feel the way they do in certain problems. They also like to keep loved ones or any for that matter safe. They’d risk their own lives just to save someone they love.

Leo would be red because red represents quick decisions, passion, and energy. Leos always feel the need to make quick decisions whether if it’s necessary or not. They usually don’t take time to think things through and just decide right away. Leos are also very passionate in the way they feel emotionally and about others. If they like someone, they’ll go all force to try to make them theirs. They spend a lot of the time being very active which means they have a lot of energy to spare throughout the whole day.

Virgo would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, intelligence, and faith. Virgos are very trustworthy. They keep secrets all the time that sometimes they can’t even keep track of them!

They are also very loyal and would never spread rumors about a friend or cheat on a boy/girlfriend. They are very intelligent as they are always seeking for knowledge about anything and everything, even if it’s unnecessary for the outside world. Their faith is a big part of their lives as they rarely change their mind about what they believe in and never change it just to fit someone’s standard.

Libra would be purple because purple represents dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and femininity. Libras have a dignity that they would like to keep their entire lives and they would never like to ruin it or they’d be devastated. They are also a very independent sign who doesn’t like taking help from others even if they really need it. They are very creative but where that creativity comes from is a mystery. It could be from a number of things: maybe they were born with it; maybe they had a life trama experience; whatever the reason, they’re very creative. They are also very feminine even if they want to admit it or not.

Scorpio would be black because black represents power, evil, and mystery. Scorpions always search for power, minor or major, in any situation. Whether they’re the leader of a project or just the one to take a shower first, they are thirsty for power. Make a Scorpio mad/sad, they become evil.

They’ll bring up all of your mistakes in the past or reasons why they don’t even like you in the first place. Even so, they are a work of mystery. You never know why they do the things they do or say the things they say. They might not even know the answers themselves

Sagittarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, intellect, childish, and disturbing if too much of it. Sagittarius are very optimistic people that try to see the good in everyday situations. They are very intelligent but usually hide it so they don’t seem like a know-it-all or they just don’t need to blurt out the information at the moment. Sagittarius are very childish and sometimes don’t realize what they’re saying or doing is childish, just one way to have fun in the world. Although, if you hangout with them for too long, they may become disturbing. They can reveal information that was unnecessary to know or they tell you dark things.

Capricorn would be green because green represents growth, harmony, and stability. Capricorns are always seeking to grow in their lifetime.

They are usually stable in stressful situations which makes them the harmony of a problem because they’ll always know the answer or at least try to help out.

Aquarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, childishness, unstable, and can be disturbing if there’s too much of them. Aquarians always try to stay happy whether they need to or not. They’re also very childish with their friends and sometimes with strangers which makes them disturbing if they become too childish as they can become a little bit weird. Their emotions are also unstable and unpredictable.

Pisces would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and purity. Pisces are always trying to go for the goodness in life and not the bad which can play in their innocence because sometimes, they ignore the world around them if it’s not their ideal image of happiness. They’re also pure as they are loyal and will never think of doing a fault.