The Zodiac Signs as I know them

Aries: honest and direct, speaks their mind, extremely devoted, has a lot of energy and can’t stay still, their friends are very important to them, very loving if you’re on their good side, hates waiting for things, big personality.

Taurus: extremely chill, doesn’t like people taking their stuff but also very giving at the same time, don’t necessarily like food but loves to enjoy things, hates drama, good sense of humor, super focused when they want something.

Gemini: highly intelligent although they don’t acknowledge it, usually interested in languages, speaking or writing (anything that has to do with words), their interests are very important to them, tells it like it is, the biggest procrastinators.

Cancer: can read you like an open book, surprisingly grounded, a bit nerdy, their loved ones are extremely important to them, not someone you’d want as an enemy, very helpful, remembers small details about youLeo: very selfless, confident yet insecure at the same time, absorbs other people’s moods, intuitive, extremely stubborn, stands up for themselves and others, best at giving gifts and showing affection.

Virgo: chaotic energy, messy themselves but don’t like others being messy, great sense of humor, needs time to open up, perfectionists, great at spotting details and notices everything, too hard on themselves.

Libra: enjoys peace and harmony but won’t back down from a fight if you mess with them, witty and intelligent, easily makes things aesthetic, they have this comforting side to them, always thinking about a hundred things at once.

Scorpio: extremely loyal, not necessarily “mysterious” but does need time to open up, highly caring if you’re on their good side, prideful, super funny, wants to know everything about you but doesn’t like being questioned themselves.

Sagittarius: loves to joke around but is pretty serious when they know they want something, has a temper, dislikes people who aren’t honest or can’t take a joke, loves their alone time, very independent, quick-thinkers.

Capricorn: super goofy and sweet once you get to know them, likes to be in charge and hates being told what to do, usually enjoys some form of art, realistic, always looking for a way to improve or expand their knowledge.

Aquarius: not as weird as everyone makes them out to be but definitely stands out, good with people but not very social, speak their mind and tends to see both sides of the argument, not super emotional themselves but understanding.

Pisces: strong, down-to-earth and practical but usually has a soft, artistic side to them too, music or some form of self-expression is very important to them, very intuitive, refuses to settle for less than they want, charismatic