This is the reason why we really love you

Aries: Always making up plans to get your friends out of the house to hang out and overall have a great time

Taurus: Your never-ending forever friendship and loyalty on which people can count until the end of time

Gemini: How you stand up for your friends by using your witty and scathing comments

Cancer: Always armed with hugs, pep talks and patience when your friends are feeling down insecure

Leo: You make your friends feel as special as mia thermopolis post glow up

Virgo: You forget the pep talk and instead come up with practical solutions to make everyone’s lives better

Libra: Constantly reminding your friends how amazing they are and how they deserve so much better, regardless of who their partner is

Scorpio: Consistently hitting your friends with the whole truth so they always know your standing

Sagittarius: Your skill to make people laugh and realize that tiny issues don’t really matter

Capricorn: Your phenomenal life advice and capacity for reliably showing up for their friends when needed

Aquarius: Always ready to offer a listening ear and open up for once to make your friends feel safe to talk about their own problems

Pisces: You ask the right questions, at the right time, so people vent to you and then you can make them feel better